Top 25 cities for meetings and conventions

According to a new report conducted by the Travel Industry Association of America, the National Business Travel Association, and the Institute of Business Travel Management, the top 25 cities for conventions, conferences, and seminars are (drum roll, please)...

1. Chicago

2. Las Vegas

3. Washington, DC (metro area)

4. Orlando

5. Atlanta

6. Dallas

7. San Francisco

8. Nashville

9. San Diego

10. New Orleans

11. Denver

12. San Antonio

13. Phoenix-Mesa

14. Los Angeles-Long Beach

15. Boston (metro area)

16. Philadelphia

17. Tampa-St Petersburg-Clearwater, FL

18. Austin-San Marcos, TX

19. New York

20. Seattle (metro area)

21. Detroit

22. St Louis, MO

23. Riverside-San Bernardino, CA

24. Minneapolis-St Paul

25. Houston

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