Top 10 signs your child may turn out to be a meeting planner

We published this one in our e-newsletter, MeetingsNet Extra, a while back, but it's still funny, I think!

Top 10 signs your child may turn out to be a meeting planner…

10. When packing clothes for a sleepover, has a list of what coordinates with what.

9. Practices different room set-ups with stuffed animals.

8. Has a powerpoint presentation called "Ways to Organize Your Toy Chest."

7. Insists on being in a room that is near the elevator.

6. Rearranges the tables and chairs in the classroom every


5. Has different color folders for every state on the family vacation.

4. Knows where the emergency exits are at kindergarten.

3. Teacher writes "very detail oriented and organized" on nursery school report card.

2. Can watch Sesame Street, talk on Barbie phone, and type on computer at the same time.

1. Categorizes all videotapes and books by both subject and author (on

spreadsheet, of course)


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