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Tired of bad Web sites?

Web strategy expert Philippa Gamse has written a proposal for a manifest on that could change the frustration level so many of us have when looking for info on the Web: Sites that just don't work the way people think. She has proposed to write a manifesto on how sites can be more "emotionally connected" by actually being designed to accommodate the mindsets and meet the needs of their visitors.

How ChangeThis works is that someone proposes a manifesto, and those that get the most votes get to write the full manifesto and have it available for everyone to download. There's no money involved; it's just another way to get attention for ideas that can make life better.

Click here to vote on Philippa's manifesto, then, if you like it and want to know more, click on "Write this Manifesto." While you're there, check out some of the other proposals, and the published manifestos that have made it through the process. There are many thought-provoking ideas out there that we all could take advantage of.

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