Time to trade in your trade show?

Scott Briscoe posts some interesting thoughts about trade shows on the Acronym blog. A snip:

    Recently on ASAE & The Center's Meetings and Expositions listserver, someone asked how to enliven a tradeshow so attendees will visit booths.

    There really is only one good answer to the query: make sure the exibitors have products, services, or information that the attendees want to talk with them about. Anything else is a cheap gimmick that won't do any long-term good.

There are some interesting comments, including one about knowing when it's time to let go of something that doesn't work, and another that posits a possible solution to the problem. I spouted off there, too, so I won't here. But check out the conversation. I'd love to hear your thoughts on revitalizing trade shows. It's one of those things we all talk about, but I haven't heard of any real, lasting solutions yet.

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