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Time to start whining about travel woes again?

Just yesterday I vowed to quit whining about travel-related irritations -- glad I put in the "at least momentarily" caveat. I didn't even make it 24 hours, thanks to Spirit Airline's announcement today that it plans to start charging $20 to $45 for carryon luggage that has to go in the overhead bin (they already charge for checked luggage).

I loved this comment to the article: "Can't wait for the next great idea to come from the airlines - bundling services.

'Save five dollars by buying airfare, one checked bag, one overhead bag and a ticket to go to the bathroom at one great low price.'" Oh wait, isn't that what a ticket used to buy you, along with some semblance of a meal? Sigh.

OK, back to the no-whine zone.

Update: I just read this interview with Spirit's CEO about the carry-on luggage fee. Nice to know that “The basis for this new fee was founded in improved customer service.”

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