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Is the time right for micro-learning?

We all know a lot about something. It may be something small, like how to cook the world's best cheesecake (if that's you, invite me over!), but you're the expert, and you're passionate about the topic. Why not find an audience and teach your skill/knowledge to others? That's the premise behind SkillShare, which I just read about this morning (thanks, @CMEadvocate!).

As one of the founders, Mike Karnjanaprakorn, said in the article, “We can use the Web to democratize learning and make it affordable and accessible to anyone.”

My question is, what could this mean for meetings? I'm thinking associations in particular could be all over this idea—what a great way to test market meeting content, find new presenters, showcase your members and point them toward a way to make a few bucks. Is there a downside?

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