Thumbs up for Alaska Air

This summer I fell in love with Alaska, so when I found great nonstops from Boston to Seattle and back on Alaska Air, I had to give it a try. (Plus, I loved their spoof site, though it looks like they've taken it down since the last time I was there. Any airline with a sense of humor is OK in my book.) While I sit here in the airport waiting for my flight home, my impressions are uniformly good. Clean, newish plane with nice leather seats, actual legroom in coach, nice flight attendants, individual DVD players with nine movies plus TV shows etc. (though the $10 price tag is a bit high). And they even offered hot food (for sale, but still) on the way out here.

So the other AA gets a big thumbs up from me. Next time I come to Seattle (and there will be a next time, hopefully soon!), I’m turning to Alaska Air first. Unless, of course, my flight home turns out to be a disaster…

Update: Four hours into the flight home and I’m still loving it. And I remembered what cinched the deal for me on the way out: They played “Box of Rain” by the Grateful Dead as we taxied up to the gate and waited to deplane. Gotta love an airline that plays my tunes!

Update: Now that I'm home, I can say it was fabulous from wings-up to touch-down. But I guess my experience isn't everyone's: Mike's bad AA experience.

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