For those of us who weren't able to make ASAE this year...

...this is the next best thing--and a very smart move, I think, on the part of ASAE and the Center for Association Leadership: a blog from ASAE Minneapolis 2004.

I've just skimmed through it so far, but it looks great, and really gives you a feel from a real-life perspective on what the show was like. And I just love the shoe photos, don't know why. I hope they managed to get the word out so everyone knows it's up there. I came across it purely by chance.

Kudos to The Center for putting together this pop-up blog--may we see more of this in the future!

Another blogger also has been on the loose at an industry show recently--check out Rich Westerfield's

commentary on SISO

. He managed to mine a ton of good stuff at that show, and since he's not affiliated with it as far as I know, it's a little more objective than the ASAE blog, which was run by staffers.

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