Talk about key exhibitors with CEIR

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research just launched a blog to talk about key exhibitor issues (geez, these trade show folks are suddenly getting all bloggy on us, aren't they?). From the press release:

    Bloggers are encouraged to contribute their experiences on the subject, particularly in terms of:

    The Preventive Process - The proper care and feeding of key exhibitors

    Responding effectively to requests/demands of key exhibitors

    How organizers can cope with the loss of key exhibitors

    The objective of this blog is to serve as a place where exhibition organizers, exhibitors, and others can exchange thoughts and practices that are designed to better understand the role that key exhibitors play in the universe of exhibitions. It is a place where case study-type experiences can be shared, critiqued, commented upon, and cataloged.

But my favorite part was how they explained the reason behind setting up this blog: They released a white paper on the subject, which got people talking at the conference, which got some folks to suggest CEIR continue the conversation via blog. "Therefore, CEIR will launch a blog..." It just cracked me up to see "therefore" and "blog" in the same sentence, I don't know why.

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