Tales from the airport

1. So, a little kid in Oslo, Norway, gets bored at the airport and decides to go for a ride--on a luggage conveyor belt.

    "Surrounded by bags and suitcases, the boy rode the entire length of the belt, passing through an X-ray scanner in the process. The ride came to a sudden end when staffers saw the youngster on the carousel and stopped it by pressing an alarm button.

    "Operations manager Bent Helge Sjursen said security procedures at the airport would be reviewed to ensure it doesn't happen again. " (Yahoo!)

2. Los Angeles-bound plane had to return to Australia after "The United Airlines captain decided the note could have meant ‘bomb on board.’

    "A flight bound for Los Angeles turned back after a note reading "B-O-B" was found on a sick bag in a toilet. But airline workers said the acronym was also commonly used to mean "best on board", referring to a particularly attractive passenger...Correspondents said the letters could have other meanings too, as well as spelling a man's name." (BBC)

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