Take a break with obnoxious noises

A bit of aural fun from Capsules co-blogger Anne Taylor-Vaisey:

    Fingernails scraping down a blackboard... the scream of a baby... your neighbour's dog barking: what is the worst sound in the world? This is what this website is trying to find out.

    Acoustic science is concerned with the production, transmission, manipulation and reception of sound, from unwanted traffic noise to beautiful music. Acoustics is about both the physical properties of sound waves and the reaction of humans. This website is interested in the often complex ways in which people perceive and interpret sounds. The aim is to increase awareness of sound psychology by examining what makes a sound unpleasant to hear. Your votes on the site will also give us an insight into what is the worst sound in the world, and maybe why it is the worst sound.

    The project is being led by Prof. Trevor Cox of Salford University‘s Acoustic Research Centre.

    Anne says, "So I went to the site and got laughing so hard I had to stop and save it for later. This is one of the funniest sites I have encountered this year. Close your door and turn up your sound ..." Here it is—enjoy!

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