Sweating at work and other items of possible interest

I ran across a few items that I thought might be of possible interest. First up, Burn calories at your desk with the Mayo Clinic's vertical workstation, which is basically a treadmill/desk-with-a-PC combo. Instead of shelling out $1,600, couldn't you just walk in place while e-mailing? Just a thought.

Next up, for those of us who really want to squeeze yet more work into the day (with or without the treadmill), scientists have come up with a way to painlessly stay up for 25 hours at a stretch. Uh, no thanks. On the plus side, it might help insomniacs better regulate their sleep cycles, just by using light therapy.

And finally, here's yet another reason for treating employees—and ourselves—well: Feeling life treats you unfairly 'raises heart attack risk'.

P.S. For the most magnificent example of teamwork I've seen in a long while, check out this dressage video. I am in awe.

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