Super-Soak your boss?

I'm a big fan of injecting some fun into meetings, but I'm not sure about this idea (from the Macon Telegraph):

    After a meeting last month, Keeven White sent some of his employees home with fistfuls of dollar bills.

    Another time, his workers had to explain to spouses why they were drenched in water.

    Blame it on White's unpredictable meetings at WhiteSpace Creative, a marketing firm in Akron.

    As the firm's president, White buys into a new philosophy that says breaking the ice and keeping employees engaged is paramount to accomplishing goals during a meeting...Then, at a brainstorming meeting, White's employees wielded Super Soakers. The ground rules for workers: If you shoot down a co-worker's idea, you get, well, shot down.

    "Anybody who has a negative comment gets blasted," White said.

    But has anyone pulled the trigger at the boss?

    "Oh, yeah," he said.

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