Of Super Bowls and CVBs

OK, I just got this press release about a very cute Super Bowl bet between the Pittsburgh and Seattle CVBs and had to share:

    The losing city’s CVB will congratulate – and help promote – the winning city in numerous ways, including via telephone, Web site, advertising and personal appearances. For instance, the losing city’s convention and visitors bureau will hang banners or fly the flag of the winning team for one week in their offices. The losing city’s bureau staff will dress in the winning city’s colors for a day and a group photo will be posted on both the winning and losing CVB Web sites.

    Both CVB Web sites will reflect the “Destination Challenge,” with the losing city’s Web site providing a link to the CVB Web site of the winning city. The CEO of the winning CVB will be made an “Honorary CEO” for the week at the losing CVB. Telephones at the losing city CVB will be answered for a day in a playful manner that reflects the winning team name or CVB. An official announcement from a city official will proclaim the day to be the “Winning City’s CVB Day.”

    While details are still being worked out, the losing CEO will make a video appearance at the winning city’s CVB dressed, of course, in the winning team’s jersey.

    “First and foremost, this destination challenge is to celebrate the great success of the Seattle Seahawks and the Pittsburgh Steelers. In the world of sports and entertainment it doesn’t get much bigger than the Super Bowl,” said Don Welsh, president & CEO, Seattle’s Convention and Visitors Bureau. “Our respective communities and our millions of fans take pride in the fact that our two cities are playing in the Super Bowl. Plus, this is also the perfect event to showcase the diverse and rich offerings that each of our cities provides to convention attendees and visitors from around the world. May the best team win!”

See, isn't that cute?

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