Suggested menu items for the "Lost Liberty Hotel"

Remember a few weeks back when I posted about the proposed "Lost Liberty Hotel"? Some folks were so ticked about the Supreme Court's decision to seize private land by eminent domain so private developers could build a better tax base that they want to try to seize Justice Souter's land in New Hampshire and build a hotel on it.

Well, they've been working on the project, and are looking for folks to volunteer time and services, and get involved in other ways. But the fun part is the proposed menu items people are sending in. A few of my favorites:


Chicken Seizure Salad

Eminent Romaine Salad (with Your Neighbor's House Dressing)


Goose and Gander Sautee

Squid Pro Quo

Eminent Lo Mein

New London Broil

And there's also a suggestion that each room should include an "irony board." If you want to pile on with your own ideas, send the folks at Freestar Media an e-mail with your idea in the subject line.

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