Sue's Disney World adventures, part 4

Disney_003 I got my socks blown off yet again today. We visited the Disney Event Group and were given a very interesting behind-the-scenes look at how they do all the costuming, floral arrangements, gift baskets (best I've ever seen, anywhere!), electronics, photography, digitital imaging...everything that goes into the events Disney is involved with, both on and off property. Anyway, we got to see all the gorgeous arrangements they had made for a "Royal Cherry Blossom Breakfast" for us that had to be cancelled this morning due to rain--amazing. And they let us help put the finishing touches on one of the arrangements to be used at another event later today. Then our hosts Dennis Wirzman, managing producer, and Laurie Cardenuto, managing sales director, showed us the rehearsal space they have in the building so that entertainers for events have a place to practice if the actual venue isn't available. A great a capella group was practicing, and they let us listen in on a very animated, lively rendition of "The Wanderer."

Then off to another behind-the-scenes experience at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, where the chef took us into the kitchen and taught us how to make our own sushi. The rice was a little sticky to handle, but otherwise I think we did OK--definitely a good interactive event for small groups. Anyway, we feasted, and feasted, and feasted, and feasted some more. Then my colleague on the left said, "Isn't that waiter one of the guys who we saw practicing earlier?" I looked around, and all the wait staff in the room were the singers. They then proceeded to sing a version of "The Wanderer" to us, with a verse specially tailored for each of us, thanks to some research by our hosts! I almost died laughing when my verse mentioned the infamous "flush your feet" blog post!

Then when I got back to my room, housekeeping delivered one of the floral arrangements from our cancelled breakfast, along with a sweet note from Laurie and Dennis. These guys are so amazing! I hate to gush, but the treatment we're getting is so gushworthy that I can't resist. Can't wait to see what they do tonight...but I better log off and get down to the lobby now so I can find out.

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