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Students learn by doing (in this case, a webinar)

Students learn by doing (in this case, a webinar)

I love this project: A group of three students from The George Washington University's online Accelerated Master of Tourism Administration program are learning about putting on a webinar by—you guessed it—putting on a webinar. The students—Arleen M. Rivera, Kristen Butler, and Charlene Selbee—are working with the Professional Convention Management Association and Tyra Hilliard, Esq., CMP, their George Washington University faculty sponsor, to produce what sounds like a terrific webinar on a terrific topic.

It's called “Becoming an E-vent Expert: How to Utilize Technological Diversity in a Multigenerational Atmosphere," and it will feature our technology columnist and one of my favorite e-experts, Jim Spellos of Meeting U., along with Michelle Lapierre, Sr. Director, Customer Relationship Marketing, Marriott. According to a press release (yes, this is a professional production that comes complete with promotional efforts!), this "dynamic duo of experienced professionals" will teach students how to:

    -Market individual technological skills to potential employers

    -Identify communication technology preferences amongst members of different generations

    -Contribute ideas on how to properly manage technological knowledge and use it efficiently and effectively in the workplace

    -Determine ways to maximize productivity in a multigenerational work environment

Save the date: Thursday, December 4th, at 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (if you miss the live version, it will be available for download later). You can register here for the webinar, which is free to PCMA members and nonmembers, students and faculty. (Kristen assures me that while it was developed for students and faculty, everyone is welcome to attend. I plan to sign up.)

Thanks be to enterprising students, encouraging faculty, cooperative and terrific speakers, and a very supportive meetings community organization! Good luck.

And get to know these faces and names. Something tells me we'll be hearing a lot more from them as they continue along their career paths.

kristen-butler.gif arleen-rivera.gif Charlene Selbee

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