Strangest hotel design idea yet

At least, I think so: From WorldNetDaily: 'Women' check out men in restroom at 5-star hotel.

    When could a men's room be the most popular location in a luxurious, five-star hotel? When it has life-sized photos of beautiful women strategically placed over its urinals.

    Men's room at Hotel Sofitel in Queenstown, New Zealand, features life-sized photos of models above the urinals

    That's the decor at the brand new, $45 million Hotel Sofitel in Queenstown, New Zealand, featuring local models with humorous looks on their faces as they scope out the men as they take care of business.

    The glamour gals have binoculars, tape measures, cameras, and at least one appears to be laughing at what she sees.

It sounds like the guys are taking it in stride, but I'd put those plans for the ladies room on hold if I were them.

What a way to start the week, eh? Happy Monday!

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