Strange days indeed

I have nothing more to say, other than it has to be Monday! Here are some strange items that crawled across my monitor since Friday—read 'em and weep:

Man Beheads Tame Hotel Duck. This is just sick.

For those of us who miss last summer's smash hit, Snakes on a Plane, there's this headline: Scorpion stings man during flight; incident is at least the third in 2007.

And then there's this one: U.S. Airport Screeners Are Watching What You Read. Have to include a snip:

    "I flatly reject the premise that we care at all about the latest Tom Clancy novel a traveler is reading," Knocke said.

    "But the fact does remain that CBP officials are going to be mindful of whether there is anything that suggests there could be possible violations of a law associated with a traveler or items in possession of a traveler as they make an admissibility decision about that traveler," Knocke said.

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