Starwood/Hilton corporate espionage

Remember last spring when Starwood Hotels accused Hilton of corporate espionage when two ex-Starwood executives Hilton hired allegedly used confidential Starwood information on Hilton's behalf? The plot just thickened: Starwood: Hilton CEO condoned use of confidential information. This could get ugly. From the article:

n a 135-page document filed in federal court Thursday, Starwood claims [Hilton CEO Christopher] Nassetta and at least 43 other Hilton executives were personally involved in or were aware of and condoned the use of the confidential information that Starwood says was stolen by former executives Ross Klein and Amar Lalvani.

Hilton declined comment, citing company policy against making statements on pending litigation.

The filing also claims that Steven Goldman, Hilton’s head of global development and a key member of Nassetta’s senior management team, used Lalvani as a "corporate spy" while he was still at Starwood. Goldman personally recruited Lalvani, while Nassetta recruited Klein, the suit claims.

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