The Star Tech Enterprise

While they've been working together unofficially for years, now three of the industry's favorite meetings tech gurus--Corbin Ball, CMP, Rodman Marymor, CMP, and Jeff Rasco, CMP, have teamed up to steer one big new tech consulting enterprise called www.tech3partners.com.

Corbin, who's been our technology columnist for light years, will still keep his old job of President and Founder of Corbin Ball Associates, Bellingham, Wash. Jeff's been teaching us all about technology for 20 years and now, in addition to the new company, he continues to lead at interactive registration service provider Attendee Management, Inc. in Wimberley, Texas. Rodman, who heads up, Cardinal Communications of Berkeley, Calif., stole my heart when he created the Meeting Industry Mall nine years ago, which later spawned the MIMlist listserv I mention so much here, now owned by another publishing company.

"If two heads are better than one, then T3P has cubed the equation," said Rasco in a press release. "We hope to bring not only technology expertise, but combined experience spanning three quarters of a century on both sides of the industry."

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