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Are your attendees a little jaded, you know, the "been-there/done that" types? Or are they just a little spacey? This might be just the thing to jazz up an incentive trip or afternoon outing--Zero-G Experience, where your attendees can fly weightlessly and pretend they're astronauts (you have to be in Hollywood, Fla., to participate, and it takes a full day to go through the training). From the company's Web site:

    For the first time in United States history, you are invited to experience Weightless Flight. We apply the highest standards of safety, FAA approved activity offers everyone the chance to enjoy the fun and exhilarating dream of weightlessness, which is how astronauts have been trained by NASA for 40 years and how Tom Hanks floated in Apollo 13. During a Weightless Flight you can experience what its like to

    walk on Mars and the Moon and be weightless like you are in Earth orbit.

I just got a press release from Maritz Travel about how it will "begin offering The ZERO-G Experience to coincide with ZERO-G's launch and first public flight taking place at Newark Liberty International Airport. The package will consist of a full-day program led by a veteran astronaut and a weightless flight on G-FORCE ONE, ZERO-G's specially-modified Boeing 727-200 cargo aircraft."

Just don't invite me along for the ride--despite a Robert Heinlein-induced desire to be an astronaut as a kid, even roller coasters make me green these days.

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