Something isn't kosher here

It sounds like there might be trouble a-brewing for a Mexico resort that, to accommodate a Jewish group for Pesach, is going entirely kosher for the duration, much to the chagrin of non-Jewish folks booked at the hotel. From Hotel Chatter:

    the agreement includes "an entirely kosher arrangement" throughout the hotel during their stay, ranging from food to the silverware and cooking utensils to a "No Alcohol" policy and to accommodations for children at this "adults-only" hotel...

    It seems the hotel has also cancelled other guests reservations to accommodate this group. One reviewer says their reservation made in November 2006 for March 30th was cancelled nine days before arriving due to "a group." Their money was refunded and they were offered to stay at a lesser hotel, but it's doubtful this person will ever hit up that hotel again...

    Apparently, what most outraged the guests (aside from not being informed of this situation earlier) was that management was not only rude and arrogant but also did not seem interested in retaining their loyalty and thus offered them no spa credits or drink comps or anything.

I have no idea if this is true or not, but I can see it happening. How would you handle it, either as a planner whose group needed everything kosher (or had some other special needs that transient guests may not like), or a hotelier with a lucrative kosher group coming in? I see no easy way to keep everyone happy.

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