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Something in the air?

No, that wasn't a big sirocco that blew from the East coast last night--that was a giant sigh of relief from all the hotels, event venues, caterers, and event planners who up until the last minute thought they may get stuck with the bill for delegate parties throughout Boston that were under threat of boycott by the party-goers if local police and firefighter unions picketed, as they had promised to do.

I'm no big fan of Boston's mayor Menino, but I was starting to feel kind of bad for the guy last week as union after union continued to stick him up in contract negotiations and threaten to blow his big day. Thankfully, they all worked it out and it looks like the parties went on (and on, and on) with nary a picket sign in sight. May New York be as lucky next month!

Speaking of fans: It's funny, though not suprising, that after a couple of cool, clear days, now that the pols are in town, the hot air is back, too...

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