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Some people actually like meetings—they just don't like to admit it

We've all heard the grousing about how office meetings are a big old waste of time—well take this, meetings-bashers: According to this AP story, there's a study that people actually like meetings—they just don't like to admit it. From the article:

    "When speaking publicly, people generally claim that they hate meetings," said Steven G. Rogelberg, an industrial and organizational psychologist at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. "But in the surveys you see a different story - some people's private sentiments are much more positive."

Unfortunately, the study also found that it's the people with low "accomplishment striving" rankings who secretly like meetings because meetings help give structure to their day. High achievers still see meetings as getting in the way of getting things done. Oh well, at least someone is getting something out of staff meetings. Now we just have to figure out a way to make staff meetings more productive for those high achievers.

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