Some good press for pharma

Finally, we're starting to hear some good press about the pharmaceutical industry, which has really gone all out to help with hurricane disaster relief. A few items from the New York Times (free reg. req'd):

    "I think there is even more learning going on in the corporate world and we're trying to bring our expertise to bear to help in a crisis," said Jean Lim, president of the Amgen Foundation, which is working with the National Kidney Foundation to give patients access to dialysis services. "We could make a very generalized gift, but if we happen to know who's on the ground to get to patients, why wouldn't we partner with them?"

    "Our senior management said, 'This is a disaster of historical magnitude, do what you have to do,' " said Robert Mallett, senior vice president for corporate affairs at Pfizer...

    Pfizer has not only sent a steady stream of drugs into the affected areas, but has also collaborated with retailers, government agencies and hospitals to set up systems for storing and distributing drugs to evacuees. The company has invited academic researchers whose labs were ruined to carry on their experiments in Pfizer labs...

    On top of a $2 million contribution to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Foundation, Kaiser Permanente has pledged $1 million for long-term recovery, though it has not yet decided specifically where the money will go.

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