Some auction ideas

Since so many organizations use auctions—silent and otherwise—as fundraisers, I thought I’d share some ideas a brilliant group of planners I’ve been e-chatting with came up with:

*Pie or cake of the month

*A flight for two donated by a member who is also a pilot of a small plane

*Spa packages

*House cleaning

*Limo service

*Offer to scrapbook an event

*Hayrides and tickets to the local haunted house for fall auctions

*Amusement park tickets

*Child’s birthday party at a unique venue, such as a museum or historical site

*Classes from a local potter

*Lessons in clowning

*A day on a working farm

*Anything signed by a celebrity chef

*Donation of a week at a member’s vacation home

*A set of hand-calligraphied note cards

*Six months of free haircuts (by the owner of a salon)

*Some tickets from members who hold season tickets to sports teams

*Internet training

*Lunch with a local celebrity or politician

*Personal tour of a local military base

*Have a sommelier for a great restaurant buy wine with money donated by board members. Include a description of the wines, along with a wine cooler

*Teeth bleaching certificates from local dentists

*Gift baskets


*Dinner at the bidder’s home cooked by a local chef

*A walk-on part in a local concert or theater group

*Portrait of a bidder’s pet, child, or house

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