Social "petworking"

According to an article in Wired, there's now such a thing as Social Networking in Fur, or SNIF. The "project is a wearable computer system for dogs that allows their owners to monitor the animals' behavior and capture their social networks."

Unlike human social-networking sites, where users typically confirm they have met, the system automatically verifies whether the mutts have actually sniffed each other. It also reports on the status of a relationship and how often they see each other.

Do you suppose that someday they'll develop a system like this for humans, so we don't have to go through that whole, "I know I know that person from somewhere but have no idea what their name is, where I met them, or even if I liked them" thing that happens all the time at conferences?

Anyway, it's one of the stranger things I've run across this morning, and as a dog person, I can't imagine not knowing which dogs my pups like and don't like--they make it pretty clear who their friends are and aren't!

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