So long, Capsules

With my new position as editor of Association Meetings, I no longer will be able to maintain this lovely Capsules blog. Fortunately, there are others out there covering CME and pharma topics better than I. Some of my favorites are:

Anne's T-V Blog, run by my friend and co-blogger Anne Tailor-Vaisey, is the resource for the latest in academia, research, and occasional fun stuff.

CME Linkages, run by Debra Gist, covers the latest news related to all things CME. It is, in a word, terrific.

Health Care Renewal keeps a close eye on the healthcare industry, rooting out evil-doing and the appearance thereof.

Pharma Gossip is all about, well, pharma gossip. It hits a lot of the same topics as Health Care Renewal, with a much snarkier tone.

We will leave Capsules up as an archive, so you can still search for older items. I will miss writing this site.

Thank you for everything!

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