Snow causes ASAE to cancel tech show

So sad to hear that the record snowfall in the D.C. area -- with more to come -- has prompted ASAE and The Center to cancel its 2010 Technology Conference, which was to start tomorrow and run through Friday. Check the link of refund information, etc.

Meanwhile, here in the usually frozen lands of New England, it's been awfully dry lately. They say we'll get a bit of the next storm, but where I live is on the north side of the state, so we're not supposed to get a lot of accumulation.

Update: Thanks to Joan's comment below, we now know that there'll be an unconference of some sort. Stay tuned to #tech10 on Twitter for details.

2nd update: This is getting cooler by the minute. Now there's a Web site with unconference details, and an unconference schedule wiki, and, well, just go over to Maddie Grant's post for all the details. The new Twitter hashtag is #untech10. I don't know why I'm getting so excited about this, especially since I'm nowhere near D.C. today, but it's just so cool to watch this unfold that I actually wrote "cool" three times now in once paragraph.

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