Smart marketing?

I just got a call from someone who knows the chef/owner of Milan, the restaurant we ate at last weekend during our trip to North Adams, Mass. Somehow, she heard about my mentioning the restaurant on face2face, and wanted to give me Milan's Web site address, which I couldn't find on a quick Google search for some reason). She also mentioned that they have a room that seats up to 35 that can accommodate groups (sounds like they get some pharmaceutical business).

And she gave me the name of our fabulous waitress. So if you read this, thanks, Natalie, for making our evening so much fun (we were the four-top on Saturday night that took forever to finish)! I can't stress enough that it's people like her who can make or break a restaurant (or hotel, or any other service provider). If you have a Natalie, treasure her and treat her well. And if you go to Milan, tell them I sent you!

But how interesting is it that a small restaurant cross-state found that blog item somehow, and followed up with me? Smart, smart, smart. Are you checking Technorati or other blog search sites for mentions of your property, venue, organization, or meeting? It's a great way to know what people are saying about you—just ask the good folks at Milan.

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