Smart customer service from Starcite

This post on Digital Blue Global's Access All Areas blog is less than complimentary to Starcite TV (the interface wasn't working for the poster), but the company did exactly what I wish more organizations in the meetings and hospitality industry would do when facing a complaint: Left this comment:

    I’d like to hear what operating system and browser you were using when our site failed you on your search. You should have been presented with 11 listings including hotels and a few regional video tours.

    Let me know. I’d be glad to decipher bugs and work improvements into the tool.

Now that's smart customer service—and smart marketing. Now, of course, I'm compelled to try it using the same browser and OS the poster used, just to see what will happen, then compare it with results from the laptop, which follows a more-standard route. So I'll spend a lot more time playing with it than I probably would have. Smart, very smart.

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