Singapore MOC log requirement causes a ruckus

From Electric News: Surgeons in a spat: Those in private practice upset over proposal to keep a log of the number of operations they perform. A snip:

    A PETITION. Disagreements.

    Professor Low Cheng Hock, master of the Academy of Medicine, who said it's early days yet for the proposed maintenance of certification.

    Letters flying here and there.

    And an entire committee of doctors stepping down.

    That was the ruckus among Singapore's surgeons when their representative body introduced a proposal.

    The College of Surgeons suggested that all surgeons keep a log of all the operations they do. This would form part of a proposed maintenance of certification (MOC), to ensure that their skills are being kept up to date.

    This angered about 120 private surgeons who submitted a petition of no confidence to the body.

    Sources say private surgeons do fewer operations than those in government or re-structured hospitals. Hence, they felt they would be shown up.

Just think of how well-received such logs would be here in the U.S. And yet they seem to have figured it out in England, from my understanding.

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