Show your show joy?

Rich over at the TSMI blog points out the oh-so-cool nickname of China's big IT show: ChinaJoy. Though the official name, The third China Digital Entertainment Exposition and Conference, is the usual stodgy blah, I love ChinaJoy. I'd go to ChinaJoy because it just sounds like (apologies to Disney) the happiest place on the planet. I want to go get me some of that high-tech, gadget-grabbing, chip-happy Joy!

Instead of WECs and Xtremes, wouldn't it be a lot more compelling if our industry associations went with World Education Ecstacy? I'm already feeling the love.

And, since naming has been on my mind lately, specifically, the name of this blog, this opens up a whole new line of thinking...(though there doesn't seem to be much consensus on whether or not to chuck face2face—we're still running neck and neck at the poll.)

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