She's got the look

The Harrah's look, that is. Reminds me of back in the dark ages when I was a bartender at a disco and had to wear, well, we'll just call it a harem costume and let it go at that. According to the article, cocktail waitresses have to audition for the job in bathing suits (uh uh, no way). Then:

    Once hired, they would be required to wear makeup, mascara, lipstick, heels, and have their hair styled a particular way.

    If they got pregnant, they would have six months after giving birth to fit back into their pre-pregnancy uniforms.

Sounds like the courts say they can do this because they're an "at will" employer (of course, an employee sued). Guess I'll never be a Harrah's gal--no way would I let my boss tell me what color lipstick to wear--or make me wear lipstick at all, thank you very much! I'm with Cathy Raynor, president of the union that represents most workers at Newport (R.I.) Grand, who says in the article, "I think it is extremely insulting to any person to be told that they have to wear makeup. . . What you put on your face in no way enhances your job performance."

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