Shameless plug: Best webinar series around

In my humble opinion, anyway, this webinar series from UNLV is it when it comes to meeting planning. I know I shouldn't promote it here, since we are affiliated with the series, but really, what's not to like?

For $99 you get a one-hour live presentation on topics from catering to entertainment and special events, all presented by industry experts (you can view as a group as well as individually). You can view them multiple times, too, since they are recorded and participants have access for two week after the live webinar, so if you miss anything the first time around, you can always go back for more. It may sound like a lot of money, but think about it in relation to a conference session--no flying, no hotel, just pure education at your desktop.

And, since we are affiliated with this series, if you type MNPenton into the Group Discount Box at checkout, you get $20 off the registration fee. If you go, tell 'em I sent you. Not that it would get you any more discounts, but...

OK, end of shameless plug--please forgive me!

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