This Service Could Work Like Magic for Hard-to-Find Meeting Requests

This Service Could Work Like Magic for Hard-to-Find Meeting Requests

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Need a camel for your CEO's big keynote entrance? A kosher meal from a kitchen across town that doesn't deliver? There may just be a service that can help.

I was reading this Wired review of a service called Magic, which purports to be able to satisfy any request you text to it (for a charge, of course, but they do let you know what the total will be before carrying the deal through). And then I thought about all the weird requests I've heard meeting planners have gotten—usually when they are in the middle of an event and can't possibly drop everything to go find that certain thing that's all of a sudden a necessity. Writer Brent Rose gave it a bit of a workout, and it sounds pretty good, though he worries that they went a bit above and beyond, knowing that he was writing an article on the company for Wired magazine. But I thought I'd bring it up in case you find yourself up a creek mid-meeting without a paddle. I'm pretty sure if you texted Magic, they'd be able to bring you one!

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