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Seat-to-seat chat on an airplane?

That's one of the many bells and whistles Virgin is reportedly going to bring to its U.S. planes, according to Travel Mole. From the article:

    • Enabling a traveler's gadget-conscious lifestyles. Every seat on Virgin's new airline will have a power plug for laptops and USB chargers for MP3 players, for example.

    • Eliminate the hand signals and call button etiquette problem. Virgin America has an online ordering system where passengers can pay through a cashless system.

    • Discounts without the discount airports. Other airlines have often out-of-the-way airports but Virgin is flying only from DC to Los Angeles and San Francisco, at least at first.

    • Connecting with other passengers. Virgin has what it calls a "seat to seat" chat button built into every seat. Passengers can put their seats into "discoverable" modes to talk.

I'm liking this. I'm not sure if, as the article predicts, this will set a new bar for U.S. airlines, but anything's possible.

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