Scuse me, while I kiss this guy

If you’re of a certain age and musical bent, you’ll recognize this as the garbled version everyone sang of Jimi Hendrix’s song Purple Haze (it’s really "scuse me while I kiss the sky"). If you just want to kill some time and reminisce over similarly absurd misheard song lyrics, kissthisguy.com is a great way to procrastinate doing any real work on a Friday afternoon!

For the hospitality industry, here’s one cute one from the Eagles’ Hotel California:

The real lyrics were: "What a nice surprise. Bring your alibis." But they’re misheard as: "What a nice surprise, when you're out of ice."

Another from the same song: "On a dark desert highway, Cool wind in my hair" morphs into: "On a dark desert highway, Cool Whip in my hair."

I love the Mrs. Robinson mishear under the recent submissions, but it’s probably a little blue for the blog. Anyway, you get the idea. It’s a little too much fun searching for the actual lyrics to songs I just know I have wrong…and I can’t help but think there’s got to be some way to use this as an icebreaker. Maybe play a snippet of a song that your group would probably know, then ask them to guess the actual lyrics? Break people into small groups and task them with coming up with three song lyrics they know are wrong?

Thanks to Corbin Ball for pointing this one to my attention through his e-newsletter.


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