Schneir and TSA's Hawley, part 2: Shoes and scanners

In today's installment, security expert Bruce Schneier interrogates TSA Administrator Kip Hawley on burning airline security issues, including shoes and scanners that allow screeners to see you sans clothing. The upshot? Don't chuck those easy-to-remove travel shoes anytime soon.

    BS: When can we keep our shoes on?

    KH: Any time after you clear security. Sorry, Bruce, I don't like it either, but this is not just something leftover from 2002. It is a real, current concern. We're looking at shoe scanners and ways of using millimeter wave and/or backscatter to get there, but until the technology catches up to the risk, the shoes have to go in the bin.

    BS: This feels so much like "cover your [expletive deleted&8212;ed.]" security: you're screening our shoes because everyone knows Richard Reid hid explosives in them, and you'll be raked over the coals if that particular plot ever happens again. But there are literally thousands of possible plots.

    So when does it end?

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