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Save money on signage with banner stands

In this week's guest blog, Andy McNeill, president and CEO of American Meetings, Inc, tells why he loves reusing banner stands to save money on signage at recurring meetings.

The cost of printed directional and branding signage can add up. One way to control it: If you haven’t already, consider investing in banner stands for your events, conference planning sessions, or sales training.

These lightweight and retractable options are usually 40 to 50 inches high and 24 to 36 inches wide. They come in different shapes and can even be put together to make a simple backdrop. We love the vibrant first impression they create at a registration desk, in front of a breakout room, and in the hotel lobby. Make them creative enough to be pleasant to the eye (including the company logo, event series logo, conference logo, etc.), but also generic enough to be used over multiple meetings. Here’s a secret: You can customize them using foam core call-outs (attached with Velcro), making them flexible enough to be used over and over again.

Once you have created your reusable meeting banner stands, where are some of the best places to use them? In addition to the registration area, breakouts, and even on mini-stages in sales meeting breakouts, you can also pop them up as last minute backdrops. You also can drop them off at the valet stand, where they can be used for sponsor branding and directional signs for attendees as they get off the ground transportation. We love to use them at sales meetings and KOL advisory boards to add that extra level of professionalism inside a meeting room. If you are using them outside, make sure you tie them down (we love fishing line) so they don’t blow away or get damaged.

They also enable you to save money on shipping: They are lightweight, can be packaged easily in transportable bags, and even fit in the plane's overhead on as a last minute carry-on. Many manufacturers are also making them out of recyclable materials and offer a way to make your next meeting greener.

Flexible, affordable, and reusable, banner stands can become your “go to” meeting signage—why not consider using them at your next tradeshow, incentive trip, or employee appreciation event?

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