Sandwich art?

Sandwich art?

Is your F&B manager a closet artist? Why not turn him or her loose to create bizarro sandwich creations like this one? (Lots more photos are here.) My question is: Who would eat them? They could liven up a luncheon, anyway, or at least make some interesting centerpieces for the right group.

In other silly food news, did you know the latest rage may just be pizza profiling, where you can predict personalities based on a person's pizza picks (and try saying that three times fast!)? From the article:

    • Non-traditional toppings (pineapple, jalapeno, etc.): Aggressive, achievement-oriented, natural leaders

    • One meat: Irritable, argumentative, procrastinators

    • Several Meats: Dramatic, seductive extroverts, impeccably groomed

    • One vegetable: Empathetic, understanding, well-adjusted, easy-going

    • Several vegetables: Trustworthy, loyal, dependable, humble introverts

    • Extra cheese: Who doesn't like extra cheese?

Thanks to Patti Shock for both the pointers!

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