Sailing for CME credits?

Having just come back from a bareboat sailing vacation in the Grenadines (aaah!), I like the concept behind this CME activity, a week-long program that "combines a complete sail or power certification course with 13 hours of CME credits relative to the sea and greater outdoors."

    The Wilderness Medical Society designates its seminars in this conference for 13 credit hours in Category 1 of the Physicians‘ Recognition award of the American Medical Association. Emphasis is on the nature and treatment of common injuries, illnesses and medical emergencies associated with sailing, scuba diving and snorkeling. Some of the topics discussed include hypothermia and cold water immersion, solar injury, drowning, hazardous marine life, on-board medical improvisation, marine medical kits, water purification, trauma management and seafood toxidromes. Safety at sea considerations are interwoven into the both the medical and on-sail-training curricula, including a hands-on demonstration by Winslow Life Raft Co. on how to launch and board a life raft and how to use the emergency survival equipment aboard.
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