A safe haven for doctor stories?

This post on DB's Medical Rants makes me wonder if that's another, seldom-spoken-about, reason why physicians and other healthcare providers like face-to-facing meetings for their CME: They get a chance to tell their war stories to people who understand and will appreciate them in ways laypeople cannot. As he says,

    To this day - almost 30 years since graduating from medical school - I have stories, really funny stories, that I can only tell to other physicians. Non-physicians do not see the humor and even find the stories gross or insensitive...I guess we live in a secret society". We must hold these stories confidential - except as stories to share with colleagues (omitting names and identifiers of course).

I think providing a safe place and the right company in which to share these stories could be another valuable asset CME provides. It's not just peer-to-peer case-sharing; it's humanity-sharing, too.

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