SACME thanks its inukshuk

Sacme_018Nancy Davis, PhD, CME director with the American Academy of Family Physicians, sent around this great note thanking Craig Campbell, Director of Professional Development for the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and out-going president of the Society of Academic CME, for all his work on the organization's behalf. When I saw it, well, everyone should have such a tribute. Nancy gave me the OK to post it here:

    For those of you who were not able to attend the SACME Business Meeting in Austin, there was a presentation of a plaque to our out-going President, Craig Campbell, which included a small inukshuk. The following explanation was read at the presentation:

    Inukshuks were built by the Inuit people of northern Canada. They rise from the landscape always in human form as solid guardians, keeping the vigil to direct travelers along the best and safest path. They say, "I've been here before and you are on the right path." To build an inukshuk, you must find the perfect balance for each rock. No rock is more important than the other and each creation is unique.

    Craig served as our inukshuk during his presidency, leading us down the right path, not favoring one rock over another, finding the perfect balance to move us forward.

Is that not a beautiful tribute? It brought tears to my eyes--would that we all could do for our organizations what it sounds like Dr. Campbell did for SACME.

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