SACME resource updated

Just had a quick note from Anne Taylor-Vaisey that she's updated the Society for Academic CME's News for Medical & Adult Educators page:

There are new issues to read and you can even check world weather and time on this page!

Jim Ranieri has kindly scanned some early issues of INTERCOM, from 1987 to 1998:

The issues from 2000 are searchable internally, and are also searchable using SACME's Google search. Simply type intercom along with a last name or other word.

The earlier issues are scanned as images and are therefore unsearchable. But I have put links to pages where you can find dates and then consult individual issues of INTERCOM:

SACME Meetings

SACME Past Presidents

History of the Society of Medical College Directors of Continuing Medical Education (SMCDCME): The First Twelve Years, 1976-1988

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