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Ryanair betting on free flights

Ireland''s low-cost Ryanair airline is betting that in-flight gambling and other services will be lucrative enough that they won't have to charge passengers for flights in a few years. (Link to TravelMole story, free reg. req'd.)

At least, that's what airline's chief executive Michael O'Leary seems to think. The addition of mobile phones, planned for next spring, will open up a whole new era in flight pricing as passengers dial up gambling through their cells or airline-provided equipment, which, according to The Guardian, could bring in up to £170 million in revenue.

    The airline boss suggested that the success of in-flight gaming and services such as insurance and car hire could make flights free within four to five years.

    "Entertainment is where the real money will be made in the future," O'Leary reportedly said.

As a non-gambler, would I still get to fly free? Guess we'll have to wait and see. Be interesting to see if any U.S. carriers fly with this idea...

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