Ryanair is actually going to offer seatless option

And I thought it was bad when they seated people in the lavatories ... now Irish low-cost, no-frills airline Ryanair is going to offer a seatless option. From BTN:

The carrier aims to start safety testing of its standing-room-only "vertical seats," which resemble leaning posts with seat belts attached, in summer next year, it said Thursday.

According to newspaper reports in advance of a program broadcasting on United Kingdom television network ITV Thursday, Ryanair will make some of the seats available for free—net of taxes and airport charges—while others will cost up to €10.

It would just be available for short hops of up to an hour. What will they think of next? Oh yeah, the infamous potty fee. Since they'd have to remove some seating and two rear heads to make room for the standing "seats," they'll start charging £1 to use the remaining front bathroom. I knew that had to be coming.

Thanks to MeCo for the pointer.

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