On the road again...

Sorry to have been so quiet lately. I just spent a lovely, if warm, four-day mini-vacation at my in-laws' place in Myrtle Beach, S.C. I have to admit that I was a little nervous flying out of Boston the day after the DNC--both for security reasons and for the dread of lines, lines, lines.

Surprise--despite the plethora of people wearing funny hats and red, white, and blue t-shirts, the security line was the shortest I've seen it since 9/11. Our flight to Charlotte, N.C., was packed with fleeing delegates, but I was heartened to see two bomb-sniffing dogs and their handlers in the bulkhead seats in first class as I boarded the plane. Put my paranoia right to rest: Even though they were off-duty and heading home, I could see their noses sampling the air as we walked by them.

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