Riding for relief

This could be an amazing incentive for the right group: Relief Riders International/ Voluntourism on horseback bring relief supplies to communities in need (Jeeps and camel carts are provided for non-riders who want to participate).

Winner of Outside Magazine’s 2005 Best Trips Award, RRI combines horse-back riding through the magical landscapes of northwestern India with a life-changing humanitarian mission. Its February 2005 Rajasthan ride was, according to rider Edward Goldberg, “the perfect opportunity to step outside of our daily lives to help others.”

I don't know if they even cater to incentive groups, but I bet they'd be willing to do it if asked. If anyone reading this wants to do it, invite me along to report on the experience, please! I don't know why this idea blows me away so completely, but it really does. Wow.

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